DUGA|japanese erotic free registration&6 Benefits

DUGA|japanese erotic free registration&6 Benefits

DUGAWhen it comes to watching Japanese erotic movies, I especially recommend 【DUGA】.

Why do I recommend it?

That’s because it has six benefits.💓

Read to the end and you’ll see the full benefits you should register with DUGA!

If you register to DUGA, your erotic life will be much more comfortable!✨
※I’m a heavy user and I’ve already experienced this.⭐

So let’s keep reading!~🎶

DUGA|japanese erotic Benefits of Registering for Free

Why do I recommend registering for free with DUGA?

That’s because there are six major benefits.

  1. Total titles: Over 110,000 erotic titles!
  2. Free sample movies
  3. Lots of mania videos.scat,gay
  4. About 50% of the films have no DRM restrictions!
  5. Write a review and get cash back!
  6. Fully secured

Especially with No.3.⭐

About 50% of the films have no DRM restrictions!

Most of the well-known adult sites will have DRM restrictions or will be unwatchable after you leave the site.
But on DUGA, there are a lot of movies that have no DRM restrictions!

This is an important benefit for collectors of japanese erotic videos.💞

DUGA|Benefit #1 of free registration:Over 110,000 erotic titles!

DUGA offers a lot of hardcore videos and is quite popular among Japanese enthusiasts.

For example, the video below.

It’s a pretty intense video, isn’t it?( *´艸`)

This is just the beginning.
There’s still a lot of a huge headache work available, and it’s quite enjoyable!✨

DUGA|Benefit #2 of free registration:Free sample movies

That’s the best thing about signing up for free!🔥

There are sample movies for almost all of them.

The movie takes only a minute or two to play, so it’s a great way to review the movies.⭐️

You’ll want to try them one after another, so you can watch them smoothly!👍

DUGA|Benefit #3 of free registration:Lots of mania videos.scat,gay

DUGA has a pretty strong mania for geeks.

scat 5,355 titles 1,780 titles
gay 3,159 titles 465 titles

The difference is about five times greater.

I’m just curious.💓

Watching sample videos is part of the fun!🎵

※You’re so glad it doesn’t cost you anything, right?

DUGA|Benefit #4 of free registration:About 50% of the films have no DRM restrictions

DRM restrictions are a security system that prevents unauthorized copying.

・After leaving the membership, I stopped watching erotic videos.
・I copied a downloaded movie to another computer, but I can’t view it.

With DRM-restricted erotic videos, there are disadvantages like the one above.

DUGA now has 118,808 total titles.55,899 of these titles are not DRM-restricted.
It’s fun to collect videos without DRM!

DUGA|Benefit #5 of free registration:Write a review and get cash back!

DUGA does not issue coupons like other adult sites.(;^ω^)

Instead, when you purchase a erotic video and post a review, you get up to 50% cash back!

If you can get the videos you want and you get paid back just for reviewing them, I can’t even see any reason not to do it😊❓

DUGA|Benefit #6 of free registration:Fully secured

The personal information and other information registered on DUGA is transmitted securely using the industry standard encryption technology called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).
So, there is no need to worry about the information being stolen by a third party.

The credit card information is also transmitted directly to the payment company “CREDIX Corporation”.
It is impossible for even the staff of Apex Ltd. to see it.

Also, as a further solution to the danger of DUGA, the existence of the operator of the site and the protection of information by SSL encrypted communication have been certified by the global company DigiCert, a third party certification organization (certification authority).

By encrypting not only the login page and transmission form of DUGA, but also the entire website, we are increasing the security of users’ search, shopping and content viewing.

We also have a 24/7 customer support service, so you can feel free to contact us at any time🎶😆

Disadvantages of using DUGA?

If I only talk about the advantages of DUGA, it would sound like a lie, so I’ll be honest and list the disadvantages.

・A DUGA player is required to download
・No VR video
・Monthly video programs aren’t cheap

In fact, this is the only one I can find.

To download the video, you can use the following.

But the feature of the player itself is amazing!

・「chapter function」:You can quickly get a head start on the scenes I want to watch.
・「REC function」:Recording your favorite scene,You can watch it over and over again.

This is quite nice, especially since the 「REC function」allows you to watch your favorite scenes at any time.

DUGA|Benefit #4 of free registration:【assurance】:It shows you how to leave the membership.

DUGA has clear instructions on how to leave the membership.

In the case that the service is not right for you, you can leave without any problems by following DUGA’s unsubscribe instructions.

Click here for instructions on how to leave.

DUGA|Benefits of free registration:【conclusion】


DUGA has a few disadvantages, but isn’t it by far the bigger advantage you get?

DUGA has a proven track record of breaking through 1.1 million members, and it is such a reliable site that I can seriously believe I will still be able to use it!

Would you like to register to DUGA, which is completely free, and spend a comfortable erotic life?

Sign up for free now!

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